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Welcome to WMF Clipart's collection of free clipart. Here you will find free clipart pictures, collected from various internet sites and newsgroups, with permissions. All these free clipart are in public domain, royalty free and can be freely used by anybody. We have classified free clipart images in different categories. You may find some of the free cliparts in more than one clipart category as they belong there. Some of the cliparts taken from web are in jpg or gif format, we have changed those clip art images into WMF format. WMF is the clipart format used by Windows Operating System for clipart.

Please do not link directly to the individual free clipart images, but link to this page. You can also link to some specific free clipart gallery category page.

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Please note: You can use above free clipart images for personal or commercial use but you cannot sell or give to others. You can refer them to this free clipart site.

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